I always wanted to be buff

Like all of  the guys on TV
Why does it have to be so tough

Why is it only about what we see?

No one cares if you’re kind or mean

As long as you look like an actor

No one cares about the things unseen

Our feelings are never even a factor.

People try to hold onto hope

But they cannot let it show

Vulnerability is a slippery slope

One where no one wants to go.

To do that would be to risk

The strength you try to convey

Your image would snap like a disc

And the damage is there to stay.

We feel like we have to be strong

To not let our “weaknesses” show

But I think that is wrong

These feelings allow us to grow.

So go ahead and cry
Shout out your frustrations

Do not wonder why

You have no obligations.

A friend will never leave you

Despite how you may be feeling

Just be yourself, be true

And finally start the healing.


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