How to survive in a preschool classroom.


Go to a heavy metal concert. Do not wear earplugs. Be ready to not understand anything you hear, and not being able to hear anything directly around you.

Initiate a fist fight but do not hit back. Be ready to have bruises all over your body, half the time not knowing what they are from.

Plan your whole day out step by step. Watch it all go to hell. Be ready to not get to the majority of your intended plans.

Go to the zoo. Yell at the monkeys for being monkeys. I dare you not to get frustrated.

Get a recording of multiple questions and put it on repeat. Get ready to answer the same questions over and over again.

Actual Classroom Participation:

The first that hits you will be the sound. There can be up to twenty small children all talking at once, and it can be overwhelming. Remember your training.

Then, you will be bombarded by all sorts of questions, from seemingly innocent faces.

They will all ask you multiple questions, and most of them will be repeated for each child.

The longer you are there, the more you will see that they are actually monsters, tiny, adorable monsters. They may yell, spit, bite, and cuss, and you are expected to help protect them, as well as those around them during these moments. It will be hard. It will be stressful. But you can do it.

You will quickly discover that these little monsters also have huge hearts, and you will quickly fall in love with them all. They, in return, will love you, and let you know all the time. They have an uncanny ability to sense when you are upset, and they are often more willing to give hugs and affection during this time (though sometimes they go the other way and are exceptionally difficult).

Slowly, you will come to realize that even the challenges are tolerable when you get to work with such young, creative minds. You will look forward to the questions, and each hug will give you a newfound strength that you didn’t know you had. Every. Single. Day.


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