Pink. Why is everything pink? I think the hardest part about having children is trying to find stuff for them that isn’t stereotypically blue for boys or pink for girls. It’s ridiculous! The stuff in these aisles is enough to fill an entire house with a completely pink theme; sheets, blankets, pillowcases… and that’s just what’s right in front of me. When did it become the norm to just overwhelm your baby girl with the color pink?

And I don’t want to buy all of the “boy” stuff because that’s just as stereotypical, even if buying it for a girl wouldn’t be. It’s amazing how quickly people jump to conclusions. “Oh, when is he due?” A store clerk asked after helping me with a “boy’s” onsie. I proceeded to tell her that I was having a girl, and she felt it necessary to point out that the onsie was for boys. Really? Because it has trucks on it instead of princesses it can only be worn by boys? How is this normal?!

I look for things with yellows and greens, but it is hard. I settle on a green onsie with a bear on it, a yellow sweater, and a back of bibs and bottles that are red, orange, and yellow.

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